6 Top Tips for Getting a Hospitality Job: Gaming Staff

Gambling jobs – not a game

Gambling facilities increasingly go hand in hand with any sort of hospitality work in Australia – there are literally hundreds of pokies venues across the country, with machines in many small pubs and clubs. Even if you aren’t looking specifically to work in a casino or work exclusively in a gaming department, it can be a major boost to your chances of finding a hospitality job if you give some thought to gaming related duties. Today we check out the top tips for getting a job in gaming, from how to get your RSG (responsible service of gambling) or RCG (responsible conduct of gambling).

Get Your Responsible Service of Gambling Certificate

There has been an intense focus on training hospitality staff in responsible service of alcohol, and recently there has been a growing focus on responsible service of gambling as well. If you are going for a gaming job in Queensland, it recently became mandatory to hold a QLD RSG; and for many jobs in other states it is a business requirement that you hold an RCG or Responsible Conduct of Gambling. This is the first and most essential step!

Apply in Person

If the job advertisement states the name of the business that’s looking for employees, drop your resume off in person. This is especially good practice for getting casino jobs, because personal presence is such a big part of success in the job.

Consider a Time Management Course

Gaming can be quite a hectic environment to work in, especially in casinos. Think about completing a short course in time management to help develop or prove your skills, in addition to completing your QLD RSG or RCG.

Be Tactful

Working in gaming requires extreme tact, especially to resolve any situations where you have to use your Responsible Service of Gambling training. Put your most polite hat on for both your interview and any trial shifts!

Know That You’ll Need a Flexible Roster

Gaming venues are frequently open late at night – this is usually their busiest periods. Additionally, they can’t always predict when they’ll need extra staff – so taking steps to ensure that your availability is flexible is just as important as getting your Responsible Service of Gambling online to getting a gaming job.

Know That Attitude is More Important Than Experience

This holds true across all hospitality jobs- as long as you have the basics in place, like a QLD RSG or a national RCG, many gaming venues actually prefer to train you their own way. This is especially true of casino jobs – there are quite a few different games to know and house rules to be aware of, so you’ll likely have on the job training anyway. A basic Responsible Service of Gambling certificate and the right persona will count far more towards getting you the job.

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